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Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or a stunning addition to your home décor, our canvas prints are 100% stunning.

  • printed on the highest quality Canvas

  • stretched on the frame of the pine loom

  • bright and vivid colours resistant to external influences

  • printed frame 2cm thick

  • rugged design

  • wall-mounted pendant

By purchasing a multi-element image, you become the owner of a set of 3 paintings that work together in a harmonious way, creating a complete interior finish.

There are 3 size variants available:

1. 70x150cm - each of the images has a size of 50x70cm

2. 100x210cm - each of the images has a size of 70x100cm

3. 140x300cm - each of the images has a dimension of 100x140cm

The image may vary slightly, depending on the size of the image you choose.

Kliknij by dowiedzieć się więcej o naszych obrazach

Both the photo and the image art are the property of the author and are prohibited from copying without the author's permission.

Rainbow Shells - Sea Shells

New product

269,00 zł